The Send Endpoint

The /send endpoint is the main API endpoint for sending messages through OhMySMTP. It accepts up to 50 emails in the To address field.

Send an email

Endpoint address

Only HTTPS is supported


Header NameContents
OhMySMTP-Server-TokenSee authentication for detailsRequired

Body Parameters


Full Name <>
Must be an email address or name & addr-spec as specified in Domain must be the domain associated with this API token.Required

Full Name <>,, Full Name <>
Must be an email address, name & addr-spec as specified in or a comma separated list of email addressesRequired
htmlbodystring<html><body><p>Content</p></body></html>Enclosing html tags are optionalRequired if textbody not supplied
textbodystringContentRequired if htmlbody not supplied
ccstringexample@domain.comMust be an email addressOptional
bccstringexample@domain.comMust be an email addressOptional
subjectstringEmail SubjectOptional